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Minerals and Their Everyday Uses - Collection Project

We have decided to put together a permanent collection of Minerals and Their Everyday Uses to be a part of whatever displays we create in future. We are looking for both "mineral specimens" and massive / industrial grade samples of maybe up to a dozen minerals, along with examples of things we use that are made from them. There are many more than a dozen minerals that contribute to modern life on a daily basis, so we have some flexibility in what we use, and we've created a chart on the Mineral Display Project page to keep track of which items we have, and so what to concentrate on to complete a set. Check out our progress!

2009 Fall Projects

We were choosing a Fall Project, something to make in the Fall with materials that we will shop for at the Club's Gem Show this July 18 & 19,
and we chose to make Tree of Life Pendants.

There is a free tutorial on the web here for , and another to purchase on DVD here.

Here are a few pictures of some pendants other people have made for ideas -- I've shamelessly stolen these photos from all over the the web, so if you find yours here, and you want me to remove it, let me know.

The other project we considered was a Magnetic Bead Necklace/Bracelet, but we decided that was pretty basic. This is just a single strand of beads ~36 inches long with magnetic beads spaced regularly in it, that will cling to each other when you wrap the strand around your wrist (or neck, or ankle) so that the magnetic beads touch. If you are interested, there are several tutorials on the web:

Making Magnetic Bracelets
Black and Pearl Magnetic Wrap
How to Create a Magnetic Bead Necklace
How to Make Bracelets Using Magnetic Beads

Basically, it's a simple strand of beads, but there are a couple of extra design considerations --

1) you need fairly strong magnetic beads,
2) the magnetic beads should have flat faces to stick together,
3) the decorative beads between them can't be much larger in diameter than the magnetic ones of the sucessive loops won't be able to touch in a flat plain,
4) the decorative sections between the magnetic beads can't be more than two inches and should probably be less, and they all need to be the same length.

Here are some pictures of ones for sale other places on the web (again I swiped the pics, let me know if you want me to remove one):

Here are two places to find the magnetic beads, though there are lots of others and I'm sure there will be some available at our Gem Show, too:

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Arizona Bead Company

Past Projects

The Club has has made several Projects of a Lapidary / Mineralogical / Jewelry nature, a few of which we'll show you here:

Tumbled Quartz Fountain Click here to see the page on making Table Top Fountain.

Photos by H. Beckman unless otherwise noted

updated 10 June 2010