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Next Meeting

Our next Meeting will be on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 9:30 a.m.

This meeting will focus primarily on preparing for our Gem Show, as well as our annual display at the Blasco Library

We will also be making our FOURTH batch of Discovery Blocks for the show.

Monthly meetings are held at the meeting room of the Gem City Rock & Mineral Society
in the basement of the Renaissance Centre building at
1001 State Street, Erie, PA
on the south east corner of 10th and State Streets downtown.

To find the club, go in the State Street revolving door and look for the stairway down to the basement on the right side of the lobby, or look for the elevators to the right of the lobby and take the third elevator to the basement level. From there you should be able to see the door to our area.

There is a parking ramp next door on the south side of 10th Street between State and French, which should be free on Saturdays and Sundays.

Next Work Sessions

Our next Work Sessions will probably be most Saturdays, but contact Bob on Friday nights to be certain.

We usually stay until at least 12:30, sometimes past 2:00.

Minerals Display - Ongoing Project

We have decided to put together a permanent collection of Minerals and Their Everyday Uses to be a part of whatever displays we create in future. We are looking for both "mineral specimens" and massive / industrial grade samples of maybe up to a dozen minerals, along with examples of things we use that are made from them. There are many more than a dozen minerals that contribute to modern life on a daily basis, so we have some flexibility in what we use, and we've created a chart on the Mineral Display Project page to keep track of which items we have, and so what to concentrate on to complete a set. Check out our progress!

And as you look around you, remember - if it's not grown, then it's mined!

Pebble Pups

We are still looking for a new Youth Activities Coordinator, so the Pebble Pups are on hiatus until we find one.

Until we do, young people are still welcome to come to the regular adult meetings.

Club Mailing Address

The Club's Mailing Address is:

Gem City Rock & Mineral Society
P.O. Box 475
Erie, PA 16512-0475

Updated 17 May 2013